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By Ashwathi Special Educator

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to go out there and see them as they are, is exactly what we seventeen women from Cochin did. The fantabulous adventurous six day break to Ladakh was the closest to heaven. It truly was captivating to be able to see snow capped mountains, fresh water streams, sand dunes and double humped camels all in one picture.
Sleeping in tents in the Trans Himalayas overlooking the crystal clear Pangong Lake with the view of the indo-china border was simply glorious. From rain to hail to snow, through the Zanskar river we met the Indus rafting amidst silent mountains- a sense of achievement engulfed us a benchmark set- history made !
The memories will stay fresh in each of our minds pilled up stones, barley fields, the untouched beauty in all its fullness tingle as we look back. The sun rising on our faces, the passing calm winds washed over us with peace, it was as if we all had attained enlightenment.
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Augustine

Manju Joseph Kodianthara Home Maker

Seventeen ladies, some meeting for the first time, all at the airport early morning, and instantly starts the talking laughing and even eating! WE really did start off on the right foot!!! WE spent the day in Delhi together shopping. Next morning we left for Leh and decided to walk, talk, laugh, and eat very very slowly to acclimatize. We succeeded for 5 hours. By 5 pm we were restless and was out shopping like there was no tomorrow. There are no words to describe Ladakh - this is definitely HEAVEN ON EARTH.
There were three Innova cars at our disposal, with very good drivers. We started after breakfast to Nubra valley an hour later it started to hail and as we reached Kkhardugla Pass the world’s highest motorable pass, it started to snow! Wow! It was so so cold and exciting! Then we continued down, passed the grand canyon look alike, down to a river and then to Hundar a desert where there are camels with two humps. So there we were all the adventurous ladies on the camels! It was a long day and finally we hit the camp where like school kids had a camp fire with dancing and screaming, it was fun fun fun! Slept well and woke up early to climb the apricot and green apple trees. We headed back to Leh and on the way had lunch at the world’s highest cafe and guess what we ate Maggie Noodles, Mutton Momos, Chowmein and Cinnamon Tea, it was to die for!
The next day after breakfast we headed for Pangong Lake. We stopped to see the Thiksey Monastry beautiful! We had a picnic lunch by the side of a freezing stream with wild horses all around us. As we reached our camp by the side of the lake, it is hard to explain how absolutely spectacular, there are no words to describe it. Within 15 min all the ladies were in that freezing water!!!! We walked down later to the strip where 3 idiots was shot. The lake was a Copper Sulphate colour surrounded by snow capped mountains and our little white tents on the side of the lake seeing which your heart will skip a beat! The night was cold but we lit a bonfire, had an early night as we had to head back in time to go river rafting. Yes there we were the spirited ladies all dressed in wet suits and life jackets, helmets and oar in hand to take on third level river rafting in the Sanskar . That was one fantastic experience! We did real well without capsizing! That night we all went to dinner at Tibetan kitchen. An awesome trip! Everything went like clockwork, it was perfect!
I must say that the people of Ladakh are the best Indians!!!!! Deepa u did it!!!!


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